Monday, July 14, 2014

Bockor Cuvée Des Jacobins Rouge

Beer:  Cuvée Des Jacobins Rouge (CJR)

Brewery: Bockor Brewery

Date:  March 8th, 2014

Style:  Sour Ale

ABV:  5.5%

There was a time, several years ago, when I used to drink CJR like it was going out of style.  If it was available, there was no question as to what I'd be ordering that night.  Though my opinion of it hasn't changed, I've become much more adventurous when presented with an unfamiliar bottle list, and find myself ordering CJR (and other old favorites) with ever-decreasing frequency.  On the occasion of a friend's wedding, my wife and I found ourselves alone at the end of the evening, and decided to have a quiet drink away from the crowd before heading home.  Confronted with an expansive drink menu containing many unfamiliar options, this was an excellent choice.

First Impression:
Dark reddish brown, with a light brown finger thick head.  Fairly good head retention (despite the above picture).

Tart apples and cherries, this beer even *smells* crisp.  I can practically feel my eyelids puckering and that's actually a good thing.

Every bit as flavorful as I recall.   Very tart throughout, but with an undercurrent of fruit which surfaces as your palate warms to the sourness.  Not a beer that I've ever been able to consume quickly but as soon as I've finished one, I want another.

On the Palate:
Tart with low carbonation.  

Why You'll like It:
An excellent example of what a sour beer should be:  Tart and fruity but not so acidic as to affect your enjoyment.  Compared to other sours, the acidity is actually almost (mild), making this remarkably drinkable.

In Closing...:
A great choice for sour beer lovers and for anyone who's curious about them.  It was also nice to revisit a beer that I enjoyed so much and to discover that my taste hasn't "evolved" past being able (read: grown too critical/fussy) to appreciate it.  If anything, CJR tastes even better than I remember.

Rating (out of 5):

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